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122-Jan-2020Global sports fan base reach through social media content communication: case of Zalgiris BCBičiūnaitė-Svobonienė, Vilija; Taraškevičius, DominykasMagistro darbas / Master thesis
222-Jan-2020Enhancement of communication between game officials and coaches & players: case of Turkish Airlines EuroLeagueLegenzova, Renata; Unal, BegumMagistro darbas / Master thesis
322-Jan-2020Improving employees well-being at work in sports organization: case of AS Monaco BasketStaniulienė, Sonata; Yefimov, OleksiyMagistro darbas / Master thesis
422-Jan-2020Value growing for customers becoming a data driven companyPažėraitė, Aušra; Ferreira, MiguelMagistro darbas / Master thesis
522-Jan-2020Transition of professional athletes to future careersStaniulienė, Sonata; Kazakevičiūtė, UrtėMagistro darbas / Master thesis
622-Jan-2020Implementation of genetic testing into sport industryLegenzova, Renata; Ivanova, SaškaMagistro darbas / Master thesis
722-Jan-2020Improving elite basketball officiatingBičiūnaitė-Svobonienė, Vilija; Gkontas, SpirosMagistro darbas / Master thesis
822-Jan-2020Strategic directions for the development of a professional league: case of “International Swimming League”Jucevičius, Giedrius; Tsagkarakis, ApostolosMagistro darbas / Master thesis
922-Jan-2020New brand development: case of SportFunPažėraitė, Aušra; Pavlič, TjašaMagistro darbas / Master thesis
1022-Jan-2020Fan experience enhancement: case of Olympiacos BCBičiūnaitė-Svobonienė, Vilija; Beriou, IoannaMagistro darbas / Master thesis