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12013Internacionalizuotų studijų kokybės vertinimas : teorija ir praktikaJuknytė-Petreikienė, IngaStraipsnis / Article
22013The use of alternative measures in the Czech RepublicŠčerba, FilipStraipsnis / Article
32013Forward-looking solutions for the Georgian and South Ossetian conflict: a path towards reconciliationJasutis, GražvydasStraipsnis / Article
42013“Morals and ethics and law, oh my!” – an historical perspective on the aba model rules of professional conductRendleman, Dennis A.Straipsnis / Article
52013The supreme court of Canada and the offender’s right to be transferred to serve his sentence in Canada: interpreting the international transfer of offenders act in light of Canada’s national and international human rights obligationsMujuzi, Jamil DdamuliraStraipsnis / Article
62013Merger remedies in a small market economy: empirical evidence from the Baltic StatesSvetlicinii, Alexandr; Lugenberg, KüllikiStraipsnis / Article
72013Direct democracy and its indirect neutralization in political systems: learning from the case of EstoniaLiivik, EroStraipsnis / Article
82013Judicial decision-making from an empirical perspectiveTumonis, Vitalius; Šavelskis, Mykolas; Žalytė, IngaStraipsnis / Article
92013The EU’s neighborhood policy towards the Southern Caucasus: searching for commonality in a patchy scenarioAlexeiciuc, Sanda-Daniela; Babichenko, Kirill N.Straipsnis / Article
102013“Is this really what I voted for?” – on the legitimacy Of European integrationKerikmäe, Tanel; Nyman-Metcalf, Katrin; Papageorgiou, IoannisStraipsnis / Article