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12014Moving beyond a fictional character: changes in contemporary actingMažeikienė, RūtaKnygos dalis / Book chapter
22014Teatro semiotika: kūno semiotizacijos perspektyvos modernaus teatro konteksteNarauskaitė, GintarėStraipsnis / Article
32014Teatro semiotika: kūno semiotizavimo teorinės perspektyvosNarauskaitė, GintarėStraipsnis / Article
42014[Review] : Text in contemporary theatre: the Baltics within the world experienceMažeikienė, RūtaStraipsnis / Article
52010Special contribution: Takarazuka review in LithuaniaKitamura, TakashiStraipsnis / Article
62006National theatres in an era of transnationalismWilmer, StephenStraipsnis / Article
72006A disobedient provocateur. Polish alternative theatre in a breakthroughLeśnikowski, DariuszStraipsnis / Article
82006Influence of the nation state on Estonian theatreSaro, AnneliStraipsnis / Article
92015An investigation into the field of European independent performanceArntzen, Knut OveStraipsnis / Article
102015The spectator, the new, and a disrupting creative participationKeefe, JohnStraipsnis / Article
112006Some semiotic aspects of theatre as a cultural event in post-modern societyScheel, Jan FlemmingStraipsnis / Article
122006Towards the edge of mimesis: non-linear dynamics of the aesthetic object of theatrical performanceBartosiak, MariuszStraipsnis / Article
132006Let’s DV8… – theatrical strategies for survival in an age of filmCope, BenjaminStraipsnis / Article
142006Reflections on new-mimesis: playing with irony and simulationArntzen, Knut OveStraipsnis / Article
152006Inspiration from Edward Gordon Craig in Tadeusz Kantor and Józef Szajna’s artistic theoriesJelewska-Michas, AgnieszkaStraipsnis / Article
162010What does “Our history” look like today? Political theatre in postwar Germany performing histories of national socialism and the holocaustNaumann, MatthiasStraipsnis / Article
172010Ideology vs. history: "The night after the last one"Koski, PirkkoStraipsnis / Article
182010Between drama and epic: memories of World War II in "Grandfather" (2009) by Vilis Daudziņš and Alvis Hermanis (The New Riga Theatre)Čakare, ValdaStraipsnis / Article
192006New theatre of the 21st centuryKase, DagmarStraipsnis / Article
202006Gilles Deleuze and the theatre of the realŽukauskaitė, AudronėStraipsnis / Article
212010Memories of the USSR in Estonian theatrical representationsSaro, AnneliStraipsnis / Article
222010The performance of history as “Technique”: actor training in Germany after 1945 and after 1989Klöck, AnjaStraipsnis / Article
232010Histrionic history. The stage as a medium of historical discourse in Wolfgang Hildesheimer’s "Mary Stuart" and Liz Lochhead’s "Mary Queen of Scots got her head chopped off"Sugiera, Małgorzata; Borowski, MateuszStraipsnis / Article
242010Re-evaluating Finland on two finnish stagesSkara, MarijaStraipsnis / Article
252010Play(ing) it again: recycling as theatres, histories, memoriesKeefe, JohnStraipsnis / Article
262010False recognition : pseudo-history and collective memory in Alvis Hermanis’ "The Sound of silence"Sacchi, AnnalisaStraipsnis / Article
272017Thomas Shadwell’s “The Virtuoso” as an assemblage laboratory. A view from installation artChaberski, MateuszStraipsnis / Article
282018In defence of lost causes: counter(f)actual recasting of biographies in Polish contemporary theatreWojtyra, WiktoriaStraipsnis / Article
292018Theatre photography as a counterfactual representation of aesthetic realityGrzelak, OlgaStraipsnis / Article
302018Book review. Monograph by Ina Pukelytė “Žydų teatras tarpukario Lietuvoje” (“Jewish Theatre in Lithuania During the Interwar Period”)Petrikas, MartynasStraipsnis / Article
312000Lietuvos teatro kritikos tendencijos (1990–1997)Drobyšaitė, EvelinaStraipsnis / Article
322000Lietuvos dramos teatro dailės tendencijos (1989–1998)Račkauskaitė, VitaStraipsnis / Article
332000Naujų raiškos priemonių ieškojimo kryptys šiuolaikiniame Lietuvos teatre (aplinkos teatro trupė „Miraklis“)Gasparavičius, DainiusStraipsnis / Article


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